5 Days Island Hopping : Trang Sea – Koh Rok – Rafting – Koh Lipe

5 Days Island Hopping Tour in Trang – Krabi – Satun 

5 Days Island Hopping Tour in Trang – Krabi – Satun is a special program for people who have short time holidays but would like to visit the main islands of three provinces within five days. Three provinces are Krabi, Trang and Satun“Trang Island Hopping Tour” offers this special program to enhance the tourists’ demand. Especially, the tourists who would like to have their own private trip or would like to have their trip with a small group. This trip is really suitable for them. The tourists will also have their own time to visit the other places such as islands, diving spots, caves, including learning the fisherman’s lifestyle and seeing real fishermens’ daily activities with unrushed time. Every thing depends on your desire.

There are experienced and skillful guides, who will explain, answer the questions and provide all helps to the tourists all trip long. Island Hopping Tour is available only from November to June.

The 1st day: Koh Kradan – Koh Ma – Koh Cheuk – Emerald Cave – Koh Ngai

 08.30  Pick up from Trang town to Kuantungku Pier by air-conditioned van. Then get in the long tailed boat to Koh Muk where the most outstanding attraction in the Trang Sea is. Hidden in the jungle, among the cliffs is the awesome Tham Morakot or the Emerald cave. The cave entrance is a small passage on the islands western side that is accessible by boat during low tide or swimming. The cave itself winds for about 80 meters to the other exit, opening onto a clean white beach with an emerald color open pool which is surrounded by high cliffs. Then go to Koh Kradan where one of the most beautiful islands in Trang is with white sand beach, soft corals, colorful fish, clear water which is good for swimming and snorkeling, wild plants and flowers and others. It’s also a good place for lunch on this island. After lunch, go to Koh Cheuk and Koh Ma where good diving or snorkeling site is. Then go to Koh Ngai and check in Koh Ngai Fantasy Resort & Spa.


The 2nd day: Koh Rok Nok – Koh Rok Nai


07.30  ABF Breakfast at Koh Ngai Fantasy Resort. Then go to Koh Rok about 2 hours. Koh Rok Nai has the outstanding skin diving area particularly in front of “San Chao Beach” where some boats will stop to let the tourists spend some times diving. There are also many colorful fish such as nemos. At the southwest is Koh Rok Waterfall site flowing down the narrow stone channel into the sea but having the water only in the rainy season or at the beginning of winter. Have lunch at the natural park’s restaurant. After that, enjoy your time with beautiful nature. Then go back to Koh Ngai (Koh Ngai Fantasy Resort & Spa).


The 3rd day: Rafting in Manang – Koh Lipe

07.00 After ABF Breakfast at Koh Ngai Fantasy Resort & Spa, go to Pak Meng Pier and get in the car or van to Pakpara Pier.

10.30  Take a speed boat with other passengers to Koh Tarutao where used to be a prison for serious cases in the past. During waiting for the other speed boat to Koh Lipe about two hours, we will visit Jorakae Cave or Crocodile Cave along the canal by long-tailed boat. On the way, you will see the abundance of mangroves. After that, we will visit the Crocodile Cave, see the beauty inside the cave. Then we have lunch at the natural park’s restaurant.

13.30  Take a speed boat with other passengers from Koh Tarutao to Koh Lipe and then check in at Bandayha resort. In the evening, the guide will show you around the island, the local people lifestyle and enjoy with the entertainments or activities at night such as local coffee shop, pub, bar, massage, or shopping on local products.


The 4th day: Rongnam-Jabang – Koh Hin-Ngam – Koh Hin-Son – Koh Lo-Goy – Koh Dong – Koh Rawee


08.00 After breakfast at Bundayha resort, go to Rongnam-jabang by long-tailed boat. You will see the colorful soft corals with seven colors in Andaman Sea. Then go to Koh Hin-Ngam which there is numerous of beautiful stones and hard corals. After that, go to Koh Hin-Son where, has the abundance of soft corals and colorful fish. Next, go to Koh Lo-Goy where a beautiful island with white sand beach and clear water is. It’s also good place for lunch (Lunch Box). Then go to Koh Dong. You will see a lot of monkeys on this island and then go to Koh Rawee to see the fisherman’s village and their activities. Go back to Koh Lipe.


The 5th day: Trang Town     

09.00       Check out from the resort and go by speed boat to Pakpara Pier about two hours. Then go to Trang town by car or van.

 Please contact us for the price and more details

All services:

  1. Air-conditioned rooms for 4 nights

There are two choices for accommodations each island, depending on available rooms.

Koh Ngai:  The 1st choice is Fantasy Resort & Spa. The 2nd choice is Koh Ngai resort.


Koh Lipe:  The 1st choice is Bundayha resort. The 2nd choice is Lee Pae resort.

  1. 5 meals (All Breakfast and lunch box on the 4th day)
  2. Private long-tailed boat, speed boats and other transportations
  3. One English Speaking Guide
  4. Fees for entrance
  5. Life jacket and snorkel
  6. drinking water and fruits
  7. Life insurance 200.000 baht/person



– For tourists’ safety and security, the program needs to be changed or cancelled, depending on the weather and sea condition.  This will be considered by captain.

– In case the 1st choice accommodation is not available, it will be the 2nd choice.

– Room is simple with private bathroom and air-conditioned.

– For kids between 4-8 years, it will discount 25% from the total cost. Less than 4 years old, it’s free of charge.

– This program starts from Trang, so the tourists should come to Trang before the trip one day. If the tourists come to Trang by train, plane or bus, should arrive in Trang before 10.00 o’clock. (10 am.)

– The company offers the transportation for the tourists who are in the other nearby provinces such as Phuket, Krabi, Phang-nga and so on. However, the company needs to charge for this service as it’s out of the program.


Emerald cave

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